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What makes this a real next-generation aircraft (at least aesthetically) is some of the new cabin features and interior design. For starters.. says A350 chief engineer Dougie Hunter, "We can project onto the ceiling whatever is appropriate for the mood required - for example the night sky or clouds etc." There is also a bar area, a domed entrance-way to give a feeling of spaciousness, and improved overhead bin design to increase their volume. Other features include new high-quality materials for sidewalls and ceilings based on nano-technology, larger windows for more natural light, wireless access to internet and email providers, the ability for passengers to use their personal cell phones, and onboard satellite TV with multi-channel packages." The new interior design is the fruit of a co-operation between Airbus design teams in Hamburg and Toulouse and London-based design firm Priestman Goode.
LEDs tucked into Lama Concept's Cell carpet create customizable lighting where people look the most -the floor. Replacing the standard light lines by a more initiutive and moving concept. The computer-controlled LED's are fitted into the aisles to guide your way. Cell carpet with incorporated LED was first shown at the Paris Airshow 2006 into the Airbus A350 businessclass.
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